Do I need a User account before I can purchase a gift card?

No, its not compulsory, you can checkout as a guest user.

Can I ask for a refund after purchase?

No, You can only redeem card.

Which Countries can I make purchases from?

We currently support purchases from all countries.

Where can I redeem my card from?

Redeeming your cards can be done in every part of the World.

How do I receive my redeem gift card funds?

After checking details of card you select your required payment or settlement account?

Which payment methods do you Accept?

We currently support payments from Debit / Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex etc)

Which settlement account do you support?

We currently support Mobile Money, Bank Deposits, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Money Gram and Bitcoin.

How long will it take for me to redeem my card after purchase?

After purchase we need to validate the card and check all the details. The card becomes redeemable after the validation is done

How long does it take to validate a card?

Please allow 1 to 3 hours to validate your card.

Will I be notified if the validation is done?

After validating the card you will receive an email confirming it so you can continue to redeem the card.

Do I receive the exact amount as it shows on the card?

Yes, at Akyedie.Com "What you see is what you get" so you redeem the same amount on the card.

What will I do if someone redeems the card without my notice?

Actually someone redeeming the card without your consent or stealing it is beyond us, so kindly try your best to keep your card safe and protected.

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